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likes: j-rock; d'espairsray; art; music; anime; inuyasha; sleeping; NANA; harry potter; her best buddy acky ♥
dislikes: country music; hip-hop; most american music
fetish? japanese guys + jrockers + shiny hair

music ♪

d'espairsray; malice mizer; l'arc~en~ciel; gackt; hyde; rin'; psycho le cemu; hide; dir en grey; mika nakashima; rammstein; radiohead; franz ferdinand; voltaire; manics; panic channel; + more


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fancy meeting you here.

welcome to my lj; featuring the amazing hizumi of d'espairsray. check the sidebar + userinfo for more info about me & of course, credits.

the entries

Saturday, October 1st, 2005
3:07 pm - FRIENDS CUT | 10/01/05
Did a mini friends cut. Just removed some people I haven't talked to in a really long time/who I don't know at all & who don't know me either. What's the point of having people added that you aren't friends with at all? :D.

If you were removed & you want to be readded, maybe we can work something out&try harder. 8D Or if you think I removed you by mistake (entirely possible :0 *dies*), let me know & I'll readd you. ♪

(Zomg. ;o; I survived my first friends cut!! *shakes*)

U P D A T E:
○ I removed a few more people (16 december 2005).
○ I only removed people who were REALLY inactive / who haven't talked to me in forever / with whom I have no idea what's going on.
○ If you want me to readd you, then I probably will. ^3^; I just don't like having dead journals on my friends list. ♪

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Thursday, August 18th, 2005
1:54 pm
1. Take a screenshot of your desktop. on your keyboard, there's a button that says "Print Screen", hit that.)
2. Paste it into a photo program & save it.
3. Upload it. (use Photobucket or something.)
4. Reply anonymously to this entry with the uploaded desktop picture.
5. See if I can guess who's desktop belongs to who.

I never did this meme; I guess because I figured I'd be really bad at guessing. XD Oh well. So uh, go for it. :DD

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Friday, June 10th, 2005
11:59 pm - friends only.

I'm currently in love with all of my friends already. ♥ I won't be adding anyone else for awhile (as of 7 december 2005), unless you're a friend of a friend or if I know you from somewhere.

Also!; it'd be a real plus (& make both of our lives easier xD) if we shared some interests. :D ♪

current mood: cheerful

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