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FRIENDS CUT | 10/01/05

Did a mini friends cut. Just removed some people I haven't talked to in a really long time/who I don't know at all & who don't know me either. What's the point of having people added that you aren't friends with at all? :D.

If you were removed & you want to be readded, maybe we can work something out&try harder. 8D Or if you think I removed you by mistake (entirely possible :0 *dies*), let me know & I'll readd you. ♪

(Zomg. ;o; I survived my first friends cut!! *shakes*)

U P D A T E:
○ I removed a few more people (16 december 2005).
○ I only removed people who were REALLY inactive / who haven't talked to me in forever / with whom I have no idea what's going on.
○ If you want me to readd you, then I probably will. ^3^; I just don't like having dead journals on my friends list. ♪
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